aviary 線上免費 圖片編輯 API

1. 基本簡介  https://developers.aviary.com/

2. 註冊 https://developers.aviary.com/signup

3.參考文件 https://developers.aviary.com/docs/web/setup-guide

4. 建立api key

5. Sample code

<!-- Load Feather code --> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://feather.aviary.com/js/feather.js"></script> <!-- Instantiate Feather --> <script type='text/javascript'> var featherEditor = new Aviary.Feather({ apiKey: 'your-key-here', apiVersion: 3, theme: 'dark', // Check out our new 'light' and 'dark' themes! tools: 'all', appendTo: '', onSave: function(imageID, newURL) { var img = document.getElementById(imageID); img.src = newURL; }, onError: function(errorObj) { alert(errorObj.message); } }); function launchEditor(id, src) { featherEditor.launch({ image: id, url: src }); return false; } </script> <div id='injection_site'></div> <img id='image1' src='http://images.aviary.com/imagesv5/feather_default.jpg'/> <!-- Add an edit button, passing the HTML id of the image and the public URL of the image --> <p><input type='image' src='http://images.aviary.com/images/edit-photo.png' value='Edit photo' onclick="return launchEditor('image1', 'http://images.aviary.com/imagesv5/feather_default.jpg');" /></p>